Kyle Richard’s Game Night, Game On Gold Beaded Blazer

October 10, 2011-

By Lauren

Lauren, find me Kim’s gold sweater from the game night. Amy

Okay, first – Please, thank you and your welcome. I normally don’t answer questions that don’t include some form of nicety, however I found this cute “sister dance” pic and it made me what to do this post. Okay, it was more like fighting then dancing, but I like to block out the bad. Just like I like to block out lack of manners ;-)!

Kyle Richard’s Gold Game Night Blazer

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  1. LeeAnn says

    What sunglasses is Adrienne Maloof wearing on tonight’s episode when she’s talking to Brandi? They’re silver, and square looking.

  2. Tatiana says

    Hey again! I’m sure you’re already on it….but what is the top Kyle was wearing under her white blazer while eating lunch with Adrienne on the 10/10 episode? I’m betting Parker or something of the like? Can’t wait till you find out! Thanks!! Your friend, Tatiana 🙂

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