Kyle Richard’s Gold Sailing Wedges

January 11, 2012-

By Lauren

Not sure if you already posted, but I’d love to know who makes Kyle’s gold shoes she was wearing at the beach and on the boat!! Love them! Love the site, thank you so much for everything you do 🙂 Lindy via Facebook

What can I say, I’m a sucker for kindness, compliments and a pair of Kyle Richards Gold Wedges.

Kyle Richards Gold Hawaii Wedges

Dolce Vita Camryn Platform

Kyle Richards Gold Hawaii Shoes

Dolce Vita Camryn Platform

Dolce Vita Camryn Platform  $99.99

Aditional Sizing: $154

Click here for info on Kyle’s Cover Up

Style Stealer:

Mossimo Gold Wedge

Gold Espadrille $29.99

Great Style Stealer for Kyle’s Steve Madden Wedges at Brandi’s Party too!

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