Kyle Richards’ Green Purse in Paris

March 6, 2013-

By Lauren

All of you can breathe a sigh of relief that Kyle Richards green bag in Paris isn’t a Chanel or Gucci bag that costs thousands and thousands of dollars. In fact, it’s a bag by a designer that you may not know of, and it’s always good to be the first one to start a trend (or follow it in this case). And good thing it’s a bit big, because you’ll still need a big full of ones to snatch it up. What? It’s not like she’s going to carry a $29 bag in Paris. I merely said it wasn’t thousands of dollars.

Kyle Richards Green Oversized Paris Bag / Purse with Her Leopard Trench

Jennifer Haley Large Sophisticated Shopper Heidi Klum Green Bag

Jennifer Haley Green Sophisticated Shopper  Also seen on Heidi Klum

Kyle Richards Drop Earrings

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  1. Cosmo says

    I would love to know where I can find the little black dress Brandi wore to dinner in Paris on the river cruise? Thanks.

  2. LESLIE ROCHE says

    What is the straples maxi dress that Kevin Lee’s assistent is wearing at Lisa’s and Ken’s renewal party wearing party?

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