Kyle Richards’ Moon Necklace

May 15, 2019-

By Odette Hanna

Kyle Richards’ Moon Necklace

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Fashion Season 9

It seems like the entire world has been asking us where Kyle Richards got her moon necklace and we are so happy to reveal that she has shared the details on where she got the piece. The brand Foundrae, that we’ve also seen on Kelly Ripa, is a jewelry brand that creates spiritual pieces that each symbolize a universal language inspired by ancient cultures. Kyle is wearing the gold snake, which is supposed to symbolize wholeness, growth, and rejuvenation (maybe that’s why her skin has been looking so damn good lately?). She also added the crescent moon, which is supposed to remind people that “every day is a new day to work towards the truth,” according to the brand. We can all make our own assumptions as to what that may refer to, which are most definitely wrong, it’s a fun stretch. But one thing I do know for sure is that these medallions are stunning, and that’s the truth.

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Kyle Richards' Moon Necklace

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Click Here to Shop her Foundrae Gold Wholeness Medallion

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