While Kyle Richards’ was busy admiring Lisa Vanderpump’s car on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 5 Secrets Revealed, we were all busy admiring Kyle Richards’ accessories. And you know why that is the way to go? When you valet, sunglasses, dresses and earrings follow you to prove you still have style even if you don’t have a few hundred thousand K under your gas pedal.

Kyle Richards’ Turquoise Earrings & Sunglasses in Lisa’s Car on Secrets Revealed

Kyle Richards wearing the Kendra Scott Alexandra earring on secrets revealed

Dita Marseilles Metal Aviator Sunglasses

Dita Marseilles Metal Aviator Sunglasses

Available Here in All Black at Forward by Elyse Walker

Kyle richards turquoise secrets revealed earrings

Kendra Scott Alexandra Earrings Available Here

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