Lala Kent’s Blue Lace Dress During Interviews

on Season 4 of Vanderpump Rules

Based on the number of readers who inquired about Lala Kent’s sheer, blue, lace interview dress, I’m pretty sure the BBH reader base must hold an above average gym membership percentage—or at least Lala fashion fans do. And now, I have the answer for you sexy, skin-baring ladies, along with Lala’s take on the whole look.  I just hope you didn’t give up on me and eat too much holiday pie before I found this answer, because there isn’t a place for spanx under these looks….

Lala Kent's Blue Lace Interview Dress

Lala Kent's Blue Lace Dress

(Don’t worry, so many good looks for less below!)
“The blue dress I wear in my interviews is from American Apparel and I am obsessed with it. Its one of those pieces that you always feel cute in. The earrings were given to my by a friend who didn’t want them! I felt like I hit the jackpot when she handed them to me! I am not certain on the brand, but I’m in love with them. They have just the right amount of class, yet are bold with a bit of swag… which we all know how I like! Haha.” – Lala Kent
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