Lala Kent’s Lip Plumper

June 5, 2018-

By Sally Steele

Lala Kent’s Lip Plumper

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If what she is telling us is true, Lala Kent’s lip plumper is what makes her lips so plump and juicy. NOT injections. Allegedly. Now there’s no reason not to believe her—I mean, she shares everything. Everything. From top to bottom. Literally. And the device is something that I actually thought of when I was little. I always wanted to invent a tiny plunger (warning, this is kind of gross), to use on pimples. Basically the pressure would suck out the gross stuff. It makes sense right? The only flaw to my young brain’s invention is that it would leave a little red circle around it. And behold, the lip plumper was born!**

So if this works, I will try it. Although my mom swears by a certain lipgloss, as someone with small lips herself (sorry ma). But my lips are basically like god drew two lines on my face. And what’s more, he turned them naturally down at the bottom. I mean, really?! And while I think part of this is that Lala has naturally full lips, there must be a combo of over lining and this plumper making them so… kissable. As Erika Jayne would call them, DSL.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

**Big Blonde Hair is not affiliated with any lip plumper, nor do we guarantee any results or the safety of these products. Use as directed and with caution!

Lala Kent's Lip Plumper

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Credit: Lala Kent’s Instagram

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