LeeAnne Locken’s Black Leather Boots

September 13, 2018-

By Lauren

LeeAnne Locken’s Black Leather Boots at D’Andra’s House

Season 3 Episode 5 Real Housewives of Dallas Fashion

I’m always looking for a great pair of flat, black, leather boots and I just found them on LeeAnne Locken. My usual problem is that most of them are so boring and I have huge feet. I need some cuteness to distract people from my clown feet, and that’s hard to come by. And although LeeAnne’s exact leather boots are sold out, they’ve given me something to aspire to and stalk resale sites for until they pop up.

Also, something that cannot go without a mention is LeeAnne’s bull imitation in the bowl vs bull conversation. Did anyone else feel like she actually turned into a bull for a second? I don’t know what it was, but something about it absolutely shook me! It engrained in my brain forever I think. This no-bull (yet perhaps part bull?) woman is becoming a fashion standout and cast favorite of mine this season, and I can’t wait to see what other impersonations, and fashion, she has up her sleeve. Or in her boot. Whatever works for you.

The Realest Housewives,

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LeeAnne Locken's Black Leather Boots

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