LeeAnne Locken’s Round Sunglasses

November 29, 2018-

By Faryn Wegler

LeeAnne Locken’s Round Sunglasses While Shopping With Kameron

Season 3 Episode 16 Real Housewives of Dallas Fashion

LeeAnne Locken’s round sunglasses while shopping with Kameron are by a brand she’s worn a ton of this season. As a matter of fact, she wore a belt by them last week and when I commented on the pic on BBH’s Instagram account, I may have accidentally inserted myself into the LeeAnne/Brandi drama. I said “I need a belt like this to wear with my Zara and H&M so people will think I’m rich” – solely talking about myself and not thinking about how it could be taken out of context. Well anyways, I think Brandi may have thought I was subtly shading LeeAnne as she replied “dead” with some crying laughing emojis. Lol!

Just want to make clear to y’all that I am completely impartial in the drama between these two as I honestly love them both (and cannot for the life of me decide who is telling the truth regarding phone-gate). Which is why I think it’s best that I just leave the drama up to the wives, and focus on getting their shades rather than (accidentally) throwing it.



LeeAnne Locken's Round Sunglasses

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