Lisa Vanderpump’s Fabulous Floral Dress

September 28, 2011-

By Lauren

Lauren, Great site, glad I found it. Looking for the floral dress Lisa Vanderpump wears in the “Camp Bravo” ad. I’m getting married next Spring and would love it for my shower. Saw you had Kyle’s orange top but not this. Abbey

Alas, Abbey! You found your partner for life and I actually found a Lisa Vanderpump dress- Two things that can take a lifetime. Now here’s  to hoping that your taste in men is a good as your taste in clothing.

Lisa Vanderpump’s Summer by Bravo / Camp by Bravo Floral Dress

Christina Makowsky Burnout Chiffon Pleated Dress

Have you seen something fab on a Housewife or celeb and you can’t live without their style? Post a comment below, tweet @BigBlondeHair or leave a comment on The Big Blonde Hair Blog’s Facebook page and I will do my best to track it down for you!

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  1. RealHousewivesofCanada says

    I love your site!! Thank you! It takes an absurdly long time to load on my computer, but it’s always worth it!

    I’m looking for Caroline Manzo’s blue dress as seen here: (pics of other housewife fashions you might like there, too)

    Fairly certain it’s a Herve Leger, but can’t find it atm.

    And Phaedra Park’s blue top, as seen here:

    I’m guessing she was on WWHL live at the time. I love this top! I thought it might be Guess because they have designed lace-up sleeves in the past, but nothing is turning up.

    • Lauren says

      Thanks for reading! I have lots of requests for dresses from the Posche fashion show. Was waiting til it aired next season but may have to look now!!!

  2. Faye says

    Hi Lauren,
    Love this website! Can you get info on where to find that animal print blouse Lisa vP wore to Kyle’s get together after Pandy’s wedding on the season finale? Thanks!! Faye

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