Lisa Vanderpump’s Signature Pencil Dresses

December 2, 2013-

By Lauren

I have looked for Lisa Vanderpump’s signature pencil dresses for FOUR Seasons of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. I’ve thrown around names like Zac Posen, Valentino and more. But today, while searching for Lisa Vanderpump’s Tassel Cross Necklace, I found the answer to the mystery of the sophisticated Vanderpump sheath.  And I found it on Etsy, of all places. Unsurprisingly they are custom made, the surprising part? The price. And you are going to love it.

Lisa Vanderpump Pink Sheath Dress - Wannawear by Tina O

Lisa Vanderpump’s Pink Puff Shoulder Pencil Dress  Tina O “Get Up And Go Dress” $220

Lisa Vanderpump Grey Sheath Dress

Lisa Vanderpump’s Grey Sheath Dress by Wannawear by Tina O $260

Lisa Vanderpump Purple Sheath Dress

Lisa Vanderpump’s Purple Sheath Dress by Wannawear by Tina O $220

Lisa Vanderpump Black Sheath Dress

Lisa Vanderpump Black Sheath Dress $220 WannaWear By Tina O

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  1. Rachel says

    Good Evening 🙂 Were you able to find Lisa Vanderpump’s tassel cross necklace? I would love to learn more about it. THANKS

  2. laura says

    Yes please! desperately looking for the beautiful tassel cross necklace Lisa was wearing towards the end of yesterday’s episode. Help!!

  3. Janet Koch says

    Please tell me where Kyle Richards got the Blue shirt (or dress) with the sparkle neckline that she wears during her interview portion on RHBH. I want it bad!!

    • Lauren says

      Hi, yes but the only issue with that I don’t think the galaxy and moon dress come in the colors she has with the detailing (ie the light pink, the embellishments on the grey and the lace at the bottom of the black). Unless she has them custom made? If you have info to confirm this I’d be interested.

  4. Linda Merkle says

    I am obsessed with Lisa Vanderpump’s cross tassel necklace. Where can I get it? Who makes it? I have been googling it and can find nothing on it. I want it BAD!!!!

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