Melissa Gorga’s Blue Zig Zag Print Pool Dress

May 14, 2012-

By Lauren

Hi…I’m interested in knowing where can I get the dress Melissa Gorga (Real Housewives of New Jersey) was wearing at the pool party…Episode of 5/13/2012…very pretty. Thank you, Esther

Sometimes the person you chat for an hour with on the phone has the answer to your most nagging questions, but you’re too busy catching up on the gossip to ask her if she knows anything about Melissa Gorga’s dress from Kathy’s pool party.  Meital B, next time I’m getting right down to business !

Melissa Gorga’s Blue Zig Zag Pool Cover Up Dress

Melissa Gorga Blue Wave Zig Zag Cover Up at Kathy's Pool Casting

Zig Zag Print Dress by Casting from

Credit: Melissa Gorga

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  1. candice says

    I was wondering where I could get a pair of kathys and teresas earings in the episodio that aired on 5/14/12 at kathys pool party!

  2. Judy Unnone says

    Same episode – I was wondering if you could tell me where Caroline's outfit is from – when she got her new Jag – so cute – I love it!

  3. Venus Reyes says

    I would like to know what brand was MELISSA GORGA wearing as far as her black sunglasses at the pool party last years2011 they were black with round silver circle on the sides.

  4. Kellie Cooper says

    Have looked all over for the blue zig zag dress but cannot find direct place to purchase – do you know?


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