Melissa Gorga’s Cropped Adidas Sweatshirt

June 5, 2017-

By Lauren

Melissa Gorga’s Cropped Adidas Sweatshirt on Instagram

Real Housewives of New Jersey Instagram Fashion

IMO, the Adidas meets Real Housewives trend is the best thing to happen to my wardrobe over the past year or so, and it was most recently demonstrated by Melissa Gorga’s cropped Adidas hoodie on Instagram. I’ve been way over Lululemon for awhile (not to say my Lulu Groove pants that have lasted over 7 years and are still in tact don’t have a special place in my heart and dresser), but as a former athlete—11 years of basketball, pictured in all it’s glory below—I’ve always been more of a sports-with-a-ball gal than a yogi . That, combined with the facts that I’m a big hip hop fan who remembers Run DMC and LL Cool J doing ADIDAS old school and that it’s the only thing I can afford at Net-a-Porter, makes my love for the brand run deeeeep.

Adidas gives me everything from my  “yeah I’m a cool Mom” pieces for my day to day with the kids and to shoes throw on for the walk to the train to the city. And while I’m aware that my Superstars are pretty much the modern version of an Ugg, in this case I’m happy to be as basic as it gets.

So with all of that being said, Melissa Gorga’s cropped hooded sweatshirt is a win in my book because it’s easy to throw on for a trip to the spa, school pick up, or table flip involving wine (machine washable is key). On top of the dish on that, I’ve also included some of the current novelty pieces I love for your shopping pleasure, along with my 8th grade basketball pic for you to laugh at.

Melissa Gorga's Cropped Adidas Sweatshirt

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Photo: @MelissaGorga

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