Melissa Gorga’s “Melissa G” Rhinestone Tank

October 2, 2011-

By Lauren

Tonight Melissa is “On Display”, and it must be her night because even her name is blingin!

Melissa Gorga’s Rhinestone Personalized Tank

  Swarovski Custom Tank  $25-$59

*It even comes in baby/kids sizes!

Thanks @TheDazzleDiva for the Style Assist!

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  1. heather Cohen says

    I love your site, and if you have the information, I also even tried to reach lipsy, they cant even order me the shirt, if you can please find who has this shirt that you posted on your site, THERESA FROM THE RHONJ had this lipsy black shirt which lipsy also calls JACKET, but it looks like a tee wider at the bottom, and it has fur on the top of the sleevelees shoulders, its so so sooooooo cute, I have looked everyone, and you guys posted it, and said they had it on the site, but they dont, my favorite dresser is either Melissa, or Kathy, Theresa is like so 3 years ago, but I do love that shirt, and she did also have on a pink shirt you posted with enormous fur up at the top again of it, on one of the xmas shows on the RHONJ, you had it on your site, its phenominal, please help , I love this site so much that I subscribe to it, and try to get everything the cast wears except for carilyn, she did have on 1 lipsy shirt which was hot, but lipsy has basically nothing left they go up to like an xxs or a size 0 and I have 38ddd’s so its not gonna help me, and they said that I can special order, thanks for anything I love melissa’s new shoes, I’am going to try to order them tonight saw them on andy’s show, hagd hon thanks for all

    • Lauren says

      Sorry, I don’t know how I can help … The show was filmed a year ago so if it’s sold out its sold out. Not many US retailers carry Lipsy (Bloomingdales has it online and mostly just dresses). You should try eBay and UK eBay … There are a ton of Lipsy items on eBay in the UK. Best of luck!

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