So it’s cold here in Chicago … Currently 35 degrees to be exact. And a few hours ago as I was freezing my butt off getting an airbrush tan in an effort to not blind everyone with my Casper status skin tone at the Gorga Event tomorrow night, I daydreamed of being somewhere tropical. And in this daydream I was wearing the perfect resort dress that could be worn 3 ways. And Melissa Gorga and Bridget Marquardt were there with me wearing the same dress. And we all chatted about how we had so much in common over cocktails that matched our dresses, like long lost triplets – Fraternal of course.

And then Adrianna, the spray tan lady, flipped a fan switch dropping the room temp 10 more degrees and said “Stand here for 10 minutes and then get dressed”. I snapped back to reality disappointed, but then realized that I knew of the perfect, daydream inspiring dress. And also that next time I let someone photograph me in a dress Melissa and Bridget have also been seen in I need to work on getting a darker spray tan, putting my hand on my hip and not looking like such a bitch when I pose. Good thing the dress is fab.

Now weren’t you thinking about what to wear on vacation?

Melissa Gorga in the Leiluna Collection 3 Way Dress

Melissa Gorga Dress

Bridget Marquardt in the Leiluna Collection 3 Way Dress 

Bridget Marquardt Leiluna Collection Lauren Sebastian in the Leiluna Collection 3 Way Dress
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