Melissa Gorga’s Skincare Fridge on Instagram Stories

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Melissa Gorga’s skincare fridge is a must-have beauty staple and if it helps my skin look as ageless as hers, I’m all for it. The revolutionary mini-fridge elevates your skincare routine by keeping your products fresher, longer. No-brainer, right? Other benefits include amplifying your skincare product’s potency and when your skincare routine includes chilled products, your face is happier. Imagine  how soothing that would be! Bonus—your facial roller can be kept in the fridge to pamper your skin any time of the day! Melissa’s chic skincare fridge is compact and space saving, fitting almost any glam station (or in my case, just a normal bathroom).

I know I for one tend to spend a small fortune on my skincare routine from creams to serums and masks chasing the fountain of youth. What I didn’t know was that boosting the potency of said small fortune is so easy. I often make my purchases based off reviews, which, for this skincare fridge is collectively nearly 5 stars. But lets be real, the only review I needed to know is the fact that Melissa Gorga loves it.

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Melissa Gorga's Skincare Fridge on Instagram Stories


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Photo: @MelissaGorga