Monique Samuels’ Green Jumpsuit

July 15, 2018-

By Sally Steele

Monique Samuels’ Green Jumpsuit

Real Housewives of Potomac Season 3 Episode 15 Fashion

We are saying “c’est bon” to Monique Samuels’ green jumpsuit. Going with her signature label, Monique has a unique, playful yet mature style that I really enjoy seeing her put together. The asymmetry of the buttons reflect the asymmetry of the ladies in beautiful Cannes.

Oddly enough, I was in Cannes last week. We arrived on a cruise early in the morning and explored the city like the gals did. There’s an amazing little market in the tiny quaint town with antiques that range from books, to Chanel jewelry, to total junk. They also have a sexy French farmer giving out all sorts of fresh dip. I liked the taste so much that I bought 10 Euros worth of his artichoke dip knowing that the likelihood of me having space in my stomach state room on the ship was minimal. Needless to say, I never opened the bag of dip and was sad to toss it after a few days. It was amazing fresh, but I don’t think it was quite so fresh after two weeks.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele


Monique Samuels' Green Jumpsuit

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