Naomie Olindo’s Red Floral Dress

April 6, 2018-

By Faryn Wegler

Naomie Olindo’s Red Floral Dress and Black  Beaded Earrings Talking to Kathryn, Chelsea and Danni

Season 5 Episode 1 Southern Charm Fashion

It’s that time of year again…no, not spring (well that too I guess), but more importantly, Southern Charm season! And with that comes the “bap-ba-doo” theme song stuck in my head for a good chunk of time each Thursday, but I honestly love it, so no biggie.

If I had to name my SC spirit animal based on solely their fashion sense, it would definitely be Naomie Olindo. I love her edgy-yet-feminine style, and how she always looks effortlessly put-together no matter what outfit she’s wearing. Although Naomie’s red floral dress from this week’s episode is sold out, I’m looking forward to getting a similar Style Stealer (or two) in my closet asap.

Thankfully, the black beaded earrings she wore with the outfit are NOT sold out, and not only that, but they’re under $100 (love it when that happens). If they look familiar to you, it’s because they’ve already been worn on the show in multiple colors by Cameran, who like Naomie, is a huge fan of the designer.

The scene with the girls on the couch talking about female friendship was really sweet, and totally gave me Sex and the City vibes. Now they just need to agree on the ultimate question of any friend group…who is the Carrie?




Naomie Olindo's Red Floral Dress

Naomie Olindo's Red Floral Dress

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