Peggy Sulahian’s Whatever Sweatshirt

November 7, 2017-

By Lauren

Peggy Sulahian’s Whatever Sweatshirt in Iceland

Season 12 Episode 18 Real Housewives of Orange County Fashion

Peggy Sulahian’s Whatever sweatshirt in Iceland was so perfect for her frame of mind while wearing it she couldn’t have packed better for the occasion. Of course, I’m guessing when you go on any sort of trip with the Real Housewives a “Whatever” sweatshirt is a safe bet because it’s sure to apply to your situation at one point or another. And in Peggy’s case, it did, although she did end up saying a lot more than “Whatever” by the end of the night (or was it day?).

Throughout the season there were rumblings that perhaps Peggy was too “boring” (I actually loved her above the drama attitude) but I think the show perhaps finally broke her in Iceland because we finally saw some real “Housewives” behavior out of her. Hopefully her ride home on her private jet put her back in her normal, calm and cool state of mind, but the true Peggy will be revealed—ie whether she wants to act crazy to try to stay on RHOC or not—by how she carries herself during the finale and Season 12 Reunion. After all, as they say, it ain’t over til the skinny lady says “Whatever”–or loses her s*it. Either or.

Peggy Sulahian's Whatever Sweatshirt

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