Where can I find the colorful polka dot wine glasses that Emily is always drinking out of in every episode of Pretty Wicked Moms? They are so cute! Lisa

Lisa emailed me this question back on June 26th, and to be honest, I had missed the glasses during the episodes because I had my face buried in my laptop looking for the Pretty Wicked Moms outfits. However, I happened to catch a glimpse tonight when Emily was encouraging her ill friend Nicole to drink up to make herself feel better. And then, I just had to look up because to me, that’s a damn good friend.

Pretty Wicked Moms: Emily’s Polka Dot Wine Glasses

Emilys Polka Dot Stemless Wine Glasses

Pretty Wicked Moms Stemless Wine Glasses

Dennis East International Polka Dot Wine Glasses

Style Stealers:

Pretty Wicked Moms Wine Glasses

Steal The Style With Stems Here 

Polka Dot Wine Glasses

Polka Dot Wine Glasses

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