Product Rave: GLEAM! by Melanie Mills

April 17, 2012-

By Lauren

Lauren, This isn’t really about a celeb, but I need to get tan for Spring and I wondered what product you use, I noticed you look tan and wondered if you actually go tanning? I’m hopelessly pale! Kim


Ahhh paleness, my worst enemy. Being a blonde (okay, you caught me – BUT I was clearly meant to be one) with fair skin, the first day I  put on a dress in the Spring sans tights and my translucent legs are exposed is enough to make grown men cry.  Due to ailment, I’ve been experimenting with sunless tanning products for about 12 years, beginning the moment I realized I never wanted to look old or get cancer from tanning. I’ve used foams, creams, rubs and towlettes  that have made me orange, brown, red … Any color you can imagine. And don’t even get me started on streaks. One of my guy friends in college used to ask if I’d been rolling around in the mud after I applied sunless tanner. Not a good sign.

And then I found GLEAM! Body Radience by Melanie Mills, while working on a piece about Melissa Gorga’s New Years Eve look with Hot Pink Showroom, who introduced Melissa, and in turn me, to the product. (Cue choir of angels)

Gleam comes in 4 shades (I use Bronze Gold), I apply it, rub it in (I can see the color instantly so I know if I need to wash off or even things up) and that’s it. I’m always running around at the last minute without the time to wait 4 hours for my tan to develop, so this product is a perfect enabler for my procrastination. I also love that it’s more of a body makeup that washes off in the shower and not on my clothes. Don’t like it? Use soap and water and it’s gone, and then call me so I can figure out what the heck is wrong with you. Want to be darker? Apply another layer.  It takes about a minute to dry and doesn’t smell. It’s no wonder the developer of the product Melanie Mills is known for her work on Dancing With The Stars, the mecca of all things tan. 

Need proof? Check out a few pics of the fab, foolproof tan that I rocked in Vegas over my birthday:

Click here to check out their products (  I’m also a fan of their Lip Radience in “Pop My Cork”)  , and don’t ever say the words “I’m too pale” in my presence again!

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