All I see is signs,

All I see is dolla signs,


Money on my mind,

Money Money on My Mind

I bet if you asked Rhianna if she has anything in common with the Real Housewives, she would say no, as most women her age would. In fact, she would probaby say hell no, because she’s kind of a badass.  But I also bet that RiRi doesn’t realize that the designer of her amazing green and blue statement necklace in her “Pour It Up” video is a ‘Wives favorite.   Not to mention the chorus to “Pour It Up” could pretty much be a new Real Housewives theme song.

Or maybe that’s why she has her back to the mirror. Someone should tell her she’s missing out on gazing at a fabulous necklace.

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Rhianna’s “Pour It Up” Necklace

Kenneth Jay Lane Aqua and Periodot Necklace
Photo: SingersRoom.com

Rhiannas Kenneth Jay Lane Pour It Up Necklace

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