Shannon Beador’s Leather Front Top

June 17, 2014-

By Lauren

Having marital troubles is never easy, and I would imagine that having them unravel on TV is twice as bad. So lets just focus on something positive, like her leather front top, and seen good vibes Shannon Beador’s way. Now lets hope those vibes don’t miss the target and just go straight to her closet…

Shannon Beador’s Leather Front Top in her Kitchen

Zara leather front jumper

Zara Leather Front Jumper

Zara Faux Leather Front Jumper

Style Stealer:

Wyatt Leather Front Top

Wyatt Faux Leather Front Top Available Here

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  1. Melinda says

    I loved the black shirt Shannon Beador was wearing on the June 30th episode – the shirt she was wearing while packing for Mexico. Can you please find out where I can purchase it?

  2. Liza says

    I love the chiffon blouse with rosettes on it they shannon was wearing to dinner with heather and Lizzie and Tamra when they invited her to Bali. Do you know where it was from?

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