Shiva Safai’s Red Bathing Suit in St Thomas

June 13, 2017-

By Sally Steele

Shiva Safai’s Red Bathing Suit in St Thomas

Second Wives Club Season 1 Episode 7 Fashion

I must have grunted “ugh” and rolled my eyes a dozen times while taking a screenshot the perfection that is Shiva Safai’s red bathing suit in St Thomas from this week’s Second Wives Club. The woman is probably the closest to a goddess I’ve ever seen. She’s kind, gracious, smart and friggin’ stunning. And then when I found out her bathing suit was a Hermes one piece front buckle bathing suit I nearly rolled over. She paired it with some Cartier, Van Cleef, and other diamonds, her her Dior sunnies mentioned in a past post, yet she never looks gaudy or overdone.

There’s no wonder she’s in the same universe as Yolanda, Gigi, Bella, and the swans. Mr. Hadid has certainly curated himself well rounded women (no pun intended), who are worldly, beautiful, and quite intelligent. I’m impressed with the whole thing. The bathing suit, a specific request by our loyal reader Maureen and her keen eye for (expensive) style, is not available online but we have some more reasonable alternatives for you to pull off the same chic look at a more down to earth price.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Shiva Safai's Red Bathing Suit

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Photo Credit: Shiva Safai’s Instagram

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