St. Tropez Tan – The Anti-Snooki

March 7, 2011-

By Lauren

Spring is approaching as quickly as my skin is approaching transparency. Over the past 10 years I’ve tried every sunless tanning method available. I’ve used sprays, mousses, towelettes, lotions…And the list goes on.  I don’t have the patience for the 7 day lotions, or even the 3 day-ers and I often end up streaky with the 1 time application products. And let’s not even talk about what I’ve smelled like or how I almost cried when my doctor advised against the use of sunless tanning products during pregnancy. Yes, I have a “mild” obsession, and yes at times, I’ve taken it too far (far better to be compared to Snooki than Casper…No?!!), but it’s all worth it, because I’ve found The One and I’m here to save the world from my mistakes!

St. Tropez, the absolute best in tanning products, has come out with the perfect product for the impatient, application-challenged tanner (me), with their Wash Off Glow tan products. Theses products, brown in hue, give you a bronzed look (not overly tan) with a one time application and they wash off with soap and water in the shower. The products are easy to apply, scentless and do not rub off on your clothes. If you make last minute dinner plans you can run into the bathroom, apply the lotion or mousse and be done in less than 5 minutes.    

St. Tropez Wash Off Instant Glow Mousse $22.50


St. Tropez Tan Instant Glow Face $15.00


In fact, I’m an advocate of all of their products. St. Tropez tan is used by the Dancing with the Stars makeup team and was even used backstage by makeup artists at the Oscars.  At you can get a product consultation based on skin type, a list of salons in your area that use their product for airbrush tan, and advice on how to use their products to get a variety of different looks from everyday glow to special occasion. Like to be super dark? They have the application answer. Love a mild glow, just so people know you’re alive? Coming right up! Visit the site today!


Awesome Tanning Tip:

If you’ve already gotten an airbrush tan, use Gradual Tan Everyday Body in the days following. If you’re existing airbrush tan is a good one, this product can make it last up to almost TWO weeks (been there, done that, no lie), even if you only use it every other day.


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  1. Erica says

    Your tips are the best! I haven’t had a natural tan since the 80’s and have had limited success with airbrush tanning. I just got one in Seattle in my bathroom and the horrid woman would not stop talking. And for some reason she couldn’t spray and talk at the same time so I was left standing there naked in front of a stranger for an eternity as she blabbered on. I’m buying this stuff tonight.

  2. arlene says

    another great suggestion am going to arizona in 2 weeks so will get some for sure to start off in the right direction. thanks again for helping me.

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