Stassi Schroder’s Pink Bikini

March 10, 2013-

By Lauren

For those of you who think I haven’t been getting your requests for Stassi Schroeder’s Pink Ruffle Photoshoot bikini, I have been getting them, and I have spent an ungodly amount of time searching for and pondering who the designer is. Victorias Secret? Prada? Betsey Johnson? Juicy? Unable to get in contact with Stassi, I have even thought of posting that it was K Mart and frightening her into correcting me and thus divulging the truth. But since I’m not into Style Scare tactics, I resorted to Style Steal tactics.

And guess what? Stassi saw my Style Steal post on her bikini, and was kind enough to divulge the actual designer.  So now we can all be happy, and I can stop being a Style Stalker.

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The Look: Stassi Schroder’s Pink Photoshoot Bikini


Bikini by Victorias Secret SOLD OUT

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  1. Telly Bailey says

    I would really love to get the styles from the Sur photo shoot when they were actually shooting in Sur. The black and white attire the girls were all wearing. Especially Stassi’s black top and white skirt.

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