Tamra Barney’s Blue Watch What Happens Live Dress

July 22, 2013-

By Lauren

I totally love Tamra Barney’s dress on tonight’s Watch What Happens Live. In fact, I loved it so much that when I first saw it I thought it would be perfect for her; and I told her so.  I hate to be a know it all, but I was right. (Okay, I totally don’t hate it). Way to rock it Mrs. Judge.

Tamra Barney’s Blue Watch What Happens Live Dress with Hoda Kotb

Photo: BravoTV.com
Photo: BravoTV.com
RVN Tattoo Jacquard Dress
Photo @BravoAndy via Instagram

RVN Tattoo Jacquard Blue Dress

RVN Tattoo Jacquard Dress

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Necklace by Chanel

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  1. From the OC says

    Her Chanel necklace looks fake. Maybe she is just too tacky to wear Chanel. The BH and NY ladies can pull it off. Except for Heather (and maybe Lydia) all the OC ladies are trashy so anything Chanel will look out of place. However, l think its fake. Would not put it past her to wear a fake. The blue dress – cute if you are under 35. She looks awful. She is not attractive – very weathered looking and uneducated. Why are people who lost homes to foreclosure on the show? Please replace her. There is nothing glamorous or remotely interesting about here.

  2. Housewife obsessed says

    Absolutely love the CC Jewelry Heather wears, always classic Chanel. She wore this magnificent necklace when she was shopping with Tamara it was a vintage necklace against a cream shirt it looked like beaded fans it is gorgeous however I don’t know if it was Chanel looked like it.I MUST HAVE IT tried tweeting no response.The pin on her cape also gorgeous classic Chanel.Actually just a few good pieces go a very long way.I don’t like the Cc on earrings looks cheap&can buy at the Dollar store.Lydia wears great pieces as well! Find me that necklace PLEASE.

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