Tamra Barney’s Gym Opening Party Wine Glasses

April 23, 2013-

By Lauren

 Tamra’s Wine glasses she gave out at the party; are those from her Wines by Wives line? Thank you! Regina via Big Blonde Hair on Facebook

Tamra Barney’s C.U.T Fitness opening dinner on last night’s Real Housewives of Orange County was pretty much like a typical day for me as a stay at home mom. A trip to the gym. Multiple glasses of wine. A group of women with botox fighting dramtically. Whoever says Reality TV isn’t like real life is clearly workin too hard.

Tamra Barney’s Gym Opening Wine Glasses with Rhinestone Crosses

Rhinestone Cross Wine Glasses Tamra Barney
Photo: BravoTV.com

Wines by Wives Cross Wine Glass

Couture Cross Wine Glass WinesbyWives.com

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  1. Danielle West says

    Ok, I’m loving Alexis’ blue dress from Monday night’s episode. Do you have any idea who makes it?
    Thank you! Danielle

  2. Cyndi Bull says

    I’m in love and want to purchase the long brown sun dress that Tamra wore while showing Vicki her new building and Vicki suggesting she have an open house party!! Where can I get one?!!!
    It’s adorable!!!

  3. clc103 says

    What kind of watch is tamra wearing at dinner with Eddie at the Mexican resteraunt. It was black with black diamonds

  4. Ashley Craze says

    Why can’t I find these glasses anymore? Who makes them or where can I find them because they are not on the wine by wives web site anymore.

  5. Jenn says

    I am wondering if you can tell me where Tamra got the silver wine goblets she had during the dinner at her home when she find out that her son is getting married and she breaks down. I have been scouring the internet and cannot find anything like it. I think they be fabulous for the holidays! please help! I’m obsessed!

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