Tamra Barney’s Red Bora Bora Bikini

June 12, 2012-

By Lauren

I totally loved when Tamra Barney was talking about why she doesn’t like getting in the water. She describes the messing up of the hair, the losing of the eyelashes and the inevitable “Oh S*it, is this what I really look like?”  when all is said and done. Maybe I can’t related to these events taking place in the gorgeous aqua waters of Bora Bora, but I sure as hell can relate to the sentiment.

Tamra Barney’s Red Ruffle Rosette Bora Bora Bikini

Tamra Barney Red Bora Bora Ruffle Rosette Bikini Palmela G
Photo: BravoTV.com

Suit by Palmela G Custom Swimwear

(No Website, Click here for address & info)

Tamra Barney Red Bikini Bora Bora

Check out Tamra shopping for her suit with Heather on BravoTV.com

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