Tamra Barney’s Red Finale Dress – Check HERE for ID

June 7, 2011-

By Lauren

For those of you who have been wondering what I’ve been waiting for to post Tamra’s red finale dress, I have to be honest-I COULD NOT find it. And I wasn’t going to quit, as Tamra is the Housewife that put my blog on the map, and I wasn’t leaving her out! So, funny thing is, after way too many hours of searching, my husband decided to lend a hand, and found this dress in FIVE MINUTES. No lie. If it’s not the same, it’s an identical twin. And it’s affordable. That combo alone almost made me faint…

Tamra Barney’s Finale Red Tie Cocktail Dress


Valentina Red Cocktail Dress $122 StopStaringClothing.com

Unfortunately, I must add is that I’ve had fans that have searching for this dress come across another site that has posted the dress and stated the answer is to the effect of “TBD”. This is a dirty trick to get readers to go to their site, as they wait for me to post the answer so they can plagiarize and add it in, as they have  with others. I’m sure they’ll edit the post to make it look like they knew all along, but note they posted most of the OC finale dresses a day after me, and some were not available to search online, as all of my answers that don’t come from stylists are. I do understand we will both have some of the same content because of the nature of our sites, it can be found in different ways, and I only feel the need to state this because they publicly question the integrity of other sites as a front. I’ve offered to chat with them about how I find my information, and they want no part. And with that, I’ll leave the drama to the REAL Housewives.


Style Stealer:

Ready to Bow Dress $28 EmbelleBoutique.com


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  1. jessica says

    Who made Tamara’s rhinestone gray sweater she wore? When she was in the bathroom talking to Eddie? I want it.


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