If you are an avid Big Blonde Hair reader, you recognized Tamra Barney’s silver holiday skirt the minute you saw it, because you probably tried to buy it after we featured it here on Carrie Underwood. In fact even I was rushing around Nordstrom scrambling to get it for a birthday present for a friend of mine, where I did in fact get the last piece in the store (thanks to a super helpful associate), in the area (trust me, I had them calling other stores to get one for myself, unsuccessfully). But the good news? This baby is back in stock online….

Tamra Judge (Barney’s) Silver Pleated Skirt on Instagram at The CUT Fitness Holiday Party

Tamra Barney Silver Pleated Skirt by Devlin
Photo: @TamraJudge on Instagram

devlin metallic pleated skirt

Devlin Metallic Pleated Skirt 

Devlin Black Pleated SKirt

Devlin Black Pleated Skirt In Stock Here 

Order by 12/23/13 at 3pm and have it for Christmas with FREE shipping

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