Tamra Judge’s Spiritual Gangster Sleeveless Hoodie

August 16, 2016-

By Lauren

Tamra Judge’s Spiritual Gangster Sleeveless Hoodie Top / Muscle Tee Talking to Ryan

Season 11 Episode 7 of The Real Housewives of Orange County

While Tamra Judge was busy being a little bit of a Spiritual Gangster with her son Ryan, as most of us Mothers have done with our sons, we were busy admiring her shirt by one of the Real Housewives favorite brands as of late. And I was totally loving it because I had a chance to check out the full line with their New York rep last week at the Outfit Chicago showroom in Chicago during market, while I had fun playing a little bit of dress up (only a little because of the preggo status) and admiring it all to decide what I’d like to place an order for. So needless to say, although Tamra’s style is sold out, I’ve go the best alternate styles on lock for you, in addition to the best beanie ever.

Tamra Judge's Spiritual Gangster Sleeveless Hoodie

Spiritual Gangster Hooded Muscle Tee

Spiritual Gangster Hooded Muscle Top Sold Out

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Spiritual Gangster Namastae Beanie

Spiritual Gangster Namastae, Karma, Grateful and Gangster Beanie

Spiritual Gangster Namastae Beanie Available Here

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