The Return of The ALC Striped Maxi Dress; My Favorite Dress EVER

June 19, 2013-

By Lauren

Long, long ago (2009), in a far away land (New York), my favorite dress ever was created by a woman named Andrea Lieberman. The problem? J Lo and Rhianna rocked this ALC striped maxi dress (Godsend) and it was sold out before I got my hands on it. I went on to search high and low (eBay), never to find it. Then, in 2011, in another land (Bloomingdales), I found a look alike (pictured on me below), but was never completely satisfied without the original, perfect dress.

And just as my look alike has started to wear, ALC has collaborated with Intermix on their 20th anniversary capsule collection to bring back the original dress of my dreams, like a long lost Price Charming. And it’s now available, giving my Fashion Fairy Tale an ending. A happy ending.

The Original ALC Chevron Striped Maxi Dress

J Lo and Rhianna in the ALC Striped Maxi


ALC Intermix Striped Maxi Dress

A.L.C. 20th Anniversary Capsule Collection EXCLUSIVE Striped Maxi Dress AVAILABLE HERE

My Look For Less:

Image (2)

Striped Maxi Dress

Aqua For Bloomingdales Striped Maxi Dress – Identical Style Available Here /

Celine Inspired Tote Available Here / Hermes Inspired Cuff Available Here

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  1. PJ says

    So Lauren,
    Did you end up buying the original dress? I’m torn between the original you introduced us to or getting the much better priced one?! Which one will make me happy? Which one will be the best for my purchase value!?

    I adore you, keep up all the good work! I adore reading all your posts. And you are responsible for many of my dollars spent!

    • Lauren says

      Yes my husband got it for me actually! It was very nice but was SO similar to the one I already had I returned it. Definitely would have kept it if I hadnt
      had the other one though. Thank you so much for reading PJ!

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