Ingrid Levy

What do the Sex and the City cast, Rhianna, Fergie, Kate Beckinsale , Diane Kruger  and Heidi Klum have in common, aside from the fact that you are insanely jealous of their statement making style? They’ve all been dressed by Celebrity Stylist and Creative Director of Styleworks Group, Ingrid Levy. And now is your chance to get advice with the stylist to the stars herself, as she took the time to join for The Style 6 to educate us on her must have pieces, how to get her fabulous tan and the keys to maintaining an impeccable look. Enjoy … And take note. Originally published 1/2012

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Ingrid Levy Style 6 Part 1

“I wake up to Net-A-Porter alerts the way stockbrokers wake up to CNBC”

Ingrid Levy Style 6 Part 2

“Oh Man! You have no idea how much I regret wearing those jeans with the swarovsky-crystal bedazzled pockets a few years ago.”

Ingrid Levy Style 6 Part 3

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