Tinsley Mortimer’s Dog Camera

January 11, 2021-

By Chelsie Shackelford

Tinsley Mortimer’s Dog Camera on Instagram

Tinsley Mortimer Instagram Decor

Our new favorite Chicago resident (since BBH Lauren Sebastian moved, of course), Tinsley Mortimer, recently took to her Instagram feed sharing with all of us the dog camera she uses to keep an eye on little Strawberry and Shortcake. Tinsley isn’t alone in her dog love obsession, other Bravolebrities like Shannon Beador and Bethenny Frankel use the same doggie cam to keep an eye on their furry babies.

Speaking from personal experience, Tinsley’s dog cam is the one to have. I was gifted mine about a year ago (check out Mandy’s screenshot below!) and never leave home without plugging it in. Through the app, I get alerts when she barks, I can talk to her, I can see a live video feed, I can take pictures or record video. Best part, I can send her treats throughout the day! Just load the dog camera up with some yummy treats and through the app, you can toss a treat! It even makes a cute little sound alerting your dog a treat is coming. All of that is free! Of course, you can upgrade your service for even more features.

I’m sure there are studies that show the interaction is great for pets but let’s be real, this cam is for the dog mom and dads of the world. No shame in loving your dog so much you want to be able to see them any time of the day!

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Also Used by Shannon Beador + Archie:

Tinsely Mortimer's Dog Camera

Bethenny, Biggie + Smalls:

Bethenny Frankel’s Dog Camera For Biggy and Smallz

Tinsley Mortimer's Dog Camera


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Photo #1: @ShannonBeador

Photo #2: @Bethenny Frankel // Bravo TV

Photo #3: @TinsleyMortimer


Here is a screenshot from my dog cam and Mandy waiting for her treat to pop out!

Tinsley Mortimer's Dog Camera on Instagram

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