Veronica Newell’s Puff Sleeve Baseball Tee

Dirty John Season 1 Episode 2 Fashion

Veronica Newell’s puff sleeve baseball tee meant business. This episode, she was out to play ball. Of course, it was elevated, not just a normal baseball tee, but a really, really cute ones with puff sleeves. I had this random baseball tee shirt in high school, and when I say random, it was baggy with yellow sleeves and green writing. For some reason I loved it so much and found it to be so flattering (it wasn’t), you can see it making an appearance in more high school pictures than I care to think about. I am so glad this top has been modified to be way, way cuter than it ever was.

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Veronica Newell's Puff Sleeve Baseball Tee

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