Whitney Port’s Floral Dress

July 1, 2019-

By Odette Hanna

Whitney Port’s Floral Dress

The Hills New Beginnings Season 1 Episode 1 and 2 Fashion

Whitney Port’s looked flawless in a floral dress at Stephanie Pratt’s welcome home party. Turns out this not-so-welcome party has Spencer and Stephanie at odds and we cannot wait to see what else goes down tonight when the party continues. Whitney has been a longtime friend of the duo and has witnessed the sibling drama since high school, just like we have witnessed her fab sense of style that has only gotten better with age.

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Whitney Port's Floral Dress

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  1. Andrea Beenen says

    What are the sunglasses Audrina wore on last nights episode? Where she, Whitney and Mischa got together for a walk.

  2. Christine Cacchione says

    Hi Big Blonde Hair,

    What is the black purse with chain strap Whitney Port had on S2Ep5 of the Hills New Beginnings? She is sitting outside with Audrina at Audrina’s house.

    Thank you

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