Wigs.com’s Hot Housewives Hairstyle: The High Pony

November 13, 2018-

By Lauren

Wigs.com Hot Housewives Hairstyle


Wigs.com’s Hot Housewives Hairstyle: The High Pony

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As many of you know I’m a big fan of the idea that more is more in the hair department whether it’s my hair extensions, fun add on pieces for extra volume or trying new style. To me hair is like clothing, it’s totally fun to switch up depending on your Wigs.com 23" Pony Tail by HAIRDOmood or the occasion and the right style can be an amazing confidence booster. That’s why Big Blonde Hair has teamed up with Wigs.com to bring you the scoop on the latest and greatest seen-on-Real Housewives hair trends. Based on what we are seeing, the high pony is the best place to start and Wigs.com has an easy way for you to recreate the look with their collection of fab ponytails!

Much like me—and the Real Housewives—hair expert and Founder of Wigs.com Carliz Sotelo Teague agrees that this trend is one of the hottest of the moment and she’s found a way for you to rock it like the best of them. “I am loving that sleek sky high ponytail hairstyle for any occasion. It is not only a celeb favorite… it works for everyone as it gives you a polished chic look and I love how it gives my face a lifted look and shows off any cheekbones in the best way!  However, most of us don’t have those full long locks naturally to pull of the look as it is designed (don’t worry, the celebs don’t either;)… which is why ponytail hairpieces are so popular.  For the perfect high pony look… it is a must have!”

To recreate this look, we recommend the 23″ long wave ponytail by HAIRDO(click here to shop).  It’s easy to use and you can check out the easy how to video on on Wigs.com. It comes in a variety of shades to match your hair (Expert tip: Don’t forget the pony should be a bit lighter than the hair on the top of your head). They offer 5 shipping options and it’s free for orders over $50. Refunds are accepted within 30 days and are eligible for refunds or store credit.

Last night in Las Vegas I drew some inspo from my Real Housewives hair icon Erika “Jayne” Girardi and rocked a high pony tail from Wigs.com with my sequin dress. It was an amazing look and a fun way to switch up my style. I can also see myself throwing this on to step up a more casual look for a girls lunch. It’s such an easy to do add on! It also makes a great holiday party or New Years Eve look, or even a gift for a fashionable friend.

Thanks to Wigs.com you can enjoy 25% off of your order with code BLONDE25. So go ahead, have a good hair day.

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The Realest Housewife (and hair lover),

Big Blonde Hair

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