The thing about this scene that doesn’t surprise me is Yolanda wearing her new signature go-to look—the colorblock sweater. What does surprise me? The facialist just keeps doing her thing right through Brandi’s tears. Is that determination? Or lack of attention to the small fact that your client is having a mid-facial breakdown? Either way, unlike the designer of Yolanda’s top, the result could be somewhat unpredictable.

Yolanda Foster’s Red Sweater with Dark Red Cuff talking to Brandi at the Spa

 Yolanda Foster red colorblock sweater talking to brandi in amsterdam

Altuzarra walkaloosa sweater combo

Altuzarra Walkaloosa Shirting Hem Sweater 40% Here in Blue

Style Stealer:

Colorblock sweatshirt sweater

Colorblock Sweater Available Here on Sale

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