I was concerned about two things when I learned that Andy Cohen had finally decided to bring Bravo to Chicago: 1) Will the cast show that the Midwest isn’t all  just nice girls in Big 10 sweatshirts? I mean, thanks to Bravo, I’m pretty sure people who haven’t been to New Jersey think everyone just flips tables at dinner parties. 2) Will the women bring it in the fashion department, so I don’t lose my street cred? Because I’ve worked overtime on my fab wardrobe, and I don’t want to have to publish my AMEX statement to prove it.
And all I’m going to say is thank you, Pascale Wellin, for showing that we  have style, we have attitude and we do in fact wear makeup.
Pascale Wellin’s Brown & Gold Stone Statement Necklace During Interviews
Pascale Wellin Gold and Brown Crystal Necklace
Brown Clear Glass Statement Necklace Sold Out At Bloomingdales
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Alfani Gold Tone bib Necklace
Alfani Gold Statement Necklace Available Here
Crystal and Gold Statement Necklace
Lucite Statement Necklace Available Here
Pascale Wellin’s Floral Print Top Getting Her Nails Done with Phillips 
Pascale Wellin FLoral Top @ Fuga
Floral Top By H&M – Sold Out
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Zara Floral Top
Zara Floral Top Available Here
River Island Floral Top
River Island Floral Top Available Here
Pascale Wellin’s Open Crochet / Shredded Top 
Pascale Wellin Party Outfit
Top from Sucrees , a Paris based boutique
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Shredded Sweater
Shredded Sweater Available Here

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