Lauren Loves: 5 Online Sites I Always Shop and Why

Henri BedelBabe on a budget shopping for something uniquel? Need to know which retailers really offer affordable, fast shipping? Want a better selection of specialty sizes from affordable retailers? Can’t decide which sites are trustworthy? As a fashion blogger all I do is shop online, whether I’m researching for posts or buying clothes to wear to event. I don’t have an ulimited budget, so have definitely learned to be resourceful, And guess what? I don’t put up with with BS while shopping. If I have a poorly handled customer service experience or anything similar, don’t count on me to come back.

So, here’s a look at my top 5, go-to online retail websites I hit up first when I’m looking for something on-point to wear, and what I like–ok love—about them. What do they all have in common? They’re a mix of budget friendly sites with fast shipping, many options, specialty sizing and good return policies. Please feel free to comment below on any sites you may have been thinking of trying, chances are I have some sort of experience with them I’d be happy to share!

*Editors note: Many of you know I’m pregnant, but I haven’t switched where I shop and am mostly sizing up at my fave retailers to this point. So this all totally applies to all and is NOT maternity focused!


ASOS Supertrash Darlene Dress

(Pictured: Supertrash Darlene Dress Available at ASOS // NON MATERNITY STYLE)

BEST Features: They offer specialty sizing (Tall, Short, Petite, Plus, Maternity), quick shipping, easy returns, a large selection of varying styles (850 brands) and good price points. This site is my primary go-to when I need something fast and and relatively inexpensive whether it’s denim, swimwear, dresses or tops.

supertrash darlene dress

Shipping: QUICK! $20 gets you an ASOS Premiere membership that gives you free TWO DAY shipping for a year. This is by far, my fave thing about ASOS. If you’re not in a rush, their, free standard shipping is available on orders $40 & Up

Price: ASOS is known as being priced very well for on-trend items. Since they are UK based they tend to have that style influence at a great price.

Returns: At ASOS returns are just about as easy as it gets. They send you a pre-printed return label with your order and all you have to do is reuse your package to ship it back. Expect a notification as soon as they get the item and a refund shortly after.

Sizing: The site is UK based, so a general rule for me is to size up for any site outside of the US, even if the sizes are converted to ours. So, as a general rule, sizing one up works for me on this site. I find that looking at the size that the model is wearing in the description helps me determine what will work for me.

Quality: They stock a variety of different brands, but I generally end up ordering from their own, ASOS labeled line. Like anything, you have to keep in mind the price you are paying (don’t expect Saint Laurent for $75) and overall I find their quality to be pretty good in comparison. One feature that helps me determine what I think looks good is watching the runways video they have of every item.

Customer Service: Their customer service has improved since I first started ordering. You can expect a response and help.

Age Appropriateness: Good for 20’s & 30’s and beyond (depending on your desire to stay on trend). There are definitely things stocked at ASOS that I wouldn’t wear in my 30’s, but there are PLENTY of things that are totally approproate!

Celebrity Shopper: Stassi Schroeder of Vanderpump Rules has been known to scoop up swag from ASOS

Insider Tip: Subscribe to their email for coupon codes and sales, and check “New Arrivals” often as the best pieces sell quickly!

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Kristin Cavallari Inspired Maternity Style

BLQ Basic Tank Dress (NON MATERNITY) // Shop Similar in Stock Here at Revolve

BEST Features: Revolve is known for fast free shipping and returns, a large selection of sale and regular priced items, a cool sizing tool, on trend styles, and on demand customer service. I love Revolve when I’m looking for a sexy dress, a West Coast inspired look, swimwear or my fave denim.

Blq Basiq Racer DRess

Shipping: QUICK! Revolve offers FREE two day shipping on orders and easy returns.

Price:  Revolve has items at a variety of price points. You aren’t going to find Forever 21 prices,, but you can find affordable items.

Returns: They offers super easy returns. There’s a pre-printed label and you can reuse the package. You just have to get a UPS pick up or drop your item off.

Sizing: Sizing is contingent upon the line you are ordering, but they have an awesome tool that will predict your size in one line based on what you wear in lines you’ve already tried!

Quality: Again, this depends on the line you are ordering. However, I’ve ordered a ton with them and have only had a quality issue with one order (fabric was too sheer on a white dress).

Customer Service: Few places offer better! They have people on call to chat with while you shop about sizing, stock and more. They’ll also notify you if you put yourself on a waitlist for an item!

Age Appropriateness: Definitely great for women in their 20’s, 30’s and beyond for those who want to stay on trend and have a youthful look. Many of their dresses are definitely made for a perfect body (ie short, super tight) but vary in length and cut, so don’t feel the need to try for anything that you’re not comfortable wearing.

Celebrity Shopper: Revolve clothing is a go-to for Real Housewife of Orange County Tamra Judge

Insider Tip: Looking for designer items? Revolve’ sister site Forward by Elyse Walker has amazing items and a great sale section, in addition to the same policies.

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Missguided Double Nordstrom Breasted Longline Blazer

Missguided Tuxedo Dress Available Here


BEST Features: Missguided offers a wide range of on-trend items I love at a great price point. They are UK based but offer expedited shipping and their return process is easy, as it filters through a US return center so you don’t deal with international shipping. Some of the items are bit “young” for me, but I sift through and have found some of the best items in my closet!

Long Sleeve Tux DRess Missguided

Shipping: Missguided has Free Standard shipping from the UK (which is neither super quick not super slow, I’d say it normally takes a week or a bit less) and $15 for dependable, expedited shipping.

Specialty Sizing: Plus size, Petite and Tall options are offered.

Returns: Returns are accepted within 14 days of arrival through a US shipping center, shipper pays the cost. I’ve returned items there and it’s a smooth process.

Sizing: I size up one from my normal as it’s a UK based site, and this generally works.

Quality: For the price, it’s good. Don’t expect Neiman Marcus quality, but if you know what is in line with the price point you shouldn’t have a problem. I’ve only had an issue with the quality of one item in many orders, and they quickly returned it and refunded me even though I had already worn it. The line is good enough to be stocked at Nordstrom, which to me is a testimony.

Age Appropriateness: I’d have to say Missguided is targeted at 20 year olds and the sexier and edgier 30+ crowd.

Celebrity Shopper: We’ve seen Kristen Doute of Vanderpump Rules in Missguided, along with bigger names like Bella Thorne, Pia Mia and more . Plus, if you follow their Instagram, they do a lot of “get the celeb for less” look styles.

Customer Service: I’ve dealt with them once on a return and they were very helpful

Insider Tip: Be sure to check their home page for sales and coupon codes before shopping!

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Lauren Loves: A Faux Fur Trim Bomber Jacket

Blank Denim Ripped Skinny Jeans Available Here at Shopbop

BEST Features: Shopbop has quick free shipping and returns, a large brand selection and What Goes Around Comes Around designer vintage items.

SHopbop Ripped Skinny Jeans

Shipping: They have free 3 Day Shipping and Returns. I often get my items in less than 3 days, but that also has to do with the fact that they ship from WI and I’m in the Chicago area. Orders are also Amazon Prime eligible if you subscribe to that service.

Price Point: They have items at all different price points ranging from dresses for a bit under $100 to pieces in their “Designer Boutique” that go for over $5k.

Returns: Easy and fast with a pre-printed label.

Sizing: Sizing is contingent upon which line you order, but generally matches up with most contemporary lines. They list the models height and measurements and what size she wears, which is always a helpful guide.

Quality: I haven’t experienced a quality issue with any of my orders.

Customer Service: I haven’t dealt with their customer service but based on ease of returns I would assume it’s good.

Age Appropriateness: I’d say Shopbop is great for women in their 30’s and 40’s, in addition to a 20+ somethings with a bit of a more mature sense of style and budget.

Celebrity Shopper: While I don’t have confirmation on any, MANY of the lines and pieces stocked at Shopbop are those seen on the celebs I cover.

Insider Tip: Shopbop’s Friends & Family Sale is always a great time to shop, but they also have an extensive SALE section in the meantime.

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Coach Leslie Lace UP Ankle Boot

Coach Leslie Lace Up Ankle Boot Available Here at Nordstrom

Best Features: Nordstrom has easy, no questions asked returns (also known as the best return policy ever), credit card benefits, and a large selection. On their website you can shop designer brands without the intimidation of the judgy sales people you sometimes get at specialty stores.

Coach Leslie Ankle BootShipping: Honestly, their standard shipping could be faster, but you can pay $15 for two-day shipping. I wouldn’t depend on the two-day in a bind, as it’s hard to know when the order will be processed with a large company and I’ve never found it to arrive super early. If I need something super fast I look for items that are available for in store pick up close to me.

Specialty Sizing: Nordstrom offers plus size, petite, juniors, maternity, childrens and mens sizing.

Returns: Nordstrom is known for it’s return policy, and ordering something on your Nordstrom card and then returning if it doesn’t work is the best way to try on multiple sizes and styles while shopping online without a cost. You can return via mail or to Nordstrom locations, no questions asked. But please, don’t wear and return and ruin it for the rest of us.

Sizing: Sizing varies by line, and I love they include specific guidelines per items on their site (ie runs small, order a size up etc).

Quality: Nordstrom is known for quality and I’ve never been disappointed.

Customer Service: Top notch customer service is synonymous with Nordstrom and it’s great return policies! I once knicked my patent Rockstud pumps after one wear, took them back to the Nordstrom I bought them at, and they sent them out for repair free of charge because there wasn’t a new pair available in my size.

Age Appropriateness: That’s the best part! Women 100+ down to newborn infants can find something at Nordstrom.

Celebrity Shopper: Nordstrom has always been a Housewives fave, especially with the women of the OC. And really, who doesn’t shop here occasionally?

Insider Tip:  If you don’t know already, the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale (which normally takes place in July) is THE time to shop Fall items on SALE, when they have just been released. There is no other sale I know of that puts the next season’s items on sale before they’ve been available at regular price. Also, I always go here to see what they select to stock from affordable contempoary lines like Topshop, as they’re often the high quality items I like most.

Other In Stock Nordstrom Items in My Closet:

Other realiable sites I frequent online:

House of CB House of CB is a UK Based Celebrity inspired shopping destination and a fave of the Khloe Kardashian, Gigi Hadid and more of today’s “it” girls. They offer sexy styles (I LOVE their jackets), quick shipping and have really improved on sizing and shipping since I first ordered from the when they initially launched.

Neiman Marcus – NM always has a great shoe (I’m a 42 and it can be tough in-store most places) and bag selection and some good opportunities to buy items on sale. I use my Neimans “In Circle Card”  to rack up extra points, complimentary services and score gift cards.

Neiman Marcus Last Call NMLC has a great selection of private labeled, affordable Neiman Marcus shoes and good sales on contemporary clothing lines like Haute Hippie, Alice & Olivia, Rachel Zoe, J Brand, IRO and more. Plus, you can use your Neimans card to shop.

Matches Fashion Great sale selection on designer items in addition to great deals on Free Shipping.

Net-A-Porter Known for having one of the best selections of on-point designer items, you can also sometimes good sale items and other things that won’t break the bank.

HauteLook, Their flash sales featured lines I love, including great home decor, and you can return your items to Nordstrom Rack as they are now a Nordstrom Company

Bluefly I go to Bluefly for deals on dresses and even sunglasses. They also have a great selection of designer bags and shoes

After about 6 years of covering celebrity fashion, I’ve only shown you a small fraction of my rather large closet and fashion knowledge. That being said, I’ve decided to dive in to a new “Lauren Loves” features on I’ll focus on my outfits, reviews, and Chicago favorites and events. Reviews are unpaid (unless notated Sponsored) and are my own opinion . Please feel free to comment with questions about sizing, retailers, styling or anything else. Xo & Happy Reading