Original Post 7.13.09

Move over Tony & Carmella, there is a new famous “family” in North Jersey. Say what you will about these Real Housewives ( and there is A LOT to say) but there is no denying that these ladies have got the drama and the dress! For those of you who weren’t watching A-Shame on you for having a life and B-I strongly suggest catching the re-runs on Bravo before Season 2 (YES, you heard me ladies and gents, rumor has it that filming is about to begin for the next season, which is supposedly twice the Drrrama, with a CAPITAL D!). Fashion lovers take notice, the season was filled with great finds.

First and foremost, for those of you who did watch, tell me you don’t remember Dina’s Blue & Cream Alice & Olivia Hombre Rosette tube dress from “The Final Supper” ( http://www.seenon.com/fashion-rewind-dinas-alice-olivia-ombre-rosette-tube-dress-from-the-real-housewives-of-new-jersey/ ) …It was a dream. In fact, when I Googled it to snatch up one of my own, it was impossible to find (*reward offered to anyone who finds this IN STOCK and sends me the link*). It may have been a travesty for Danielle to bring ‘the book’ to a nice dinner, but it surely was was a sin for Teresa to flip that table and run the risk of spilling anything on that fashion masterpiece!

After putting my Sherlock Hermes hat on and doing some investigating, I discovered that Dina recently launched her own website, Ina Jolie, featuring Women’s and Children’s clothing and accessories – http://www.inajolie.com/index.html . As the welcome page on the site explains, it is brand new & in the works (as the site is looking a little less than couture at this point), but I have a feeling this is one to keep an eye on because the girl has style.

Sites I am not as sure about but will still follow just to see….Housewife Caroline is also using the spotlight to launch a fashion website of her own – http://www.4mymom.com/index.html . This one is for toddlers, but may have some cute finds, it’s hard to say since I don’t know if being mildly frightening equates to being a good Internet retailer. Housewife Teresa is also using her 15 minutes to launch a website with apparel & accessories for men, women and kids http://www.teresagiudice.com/. I may suggest steering clear of the T’s with Teresa’s “memorable” quotes screen printed on them. I love the show, but you gottsta be true Jersey to sport that! The girls clothes may be cute, as her own daughter’s were dressed like mini fashionistas. As you can tell, I enjoy the show, but you’ve gotto be true Jersey to go after one of those.

As I serach for my Real Housewives finds, check out the fiasco’s and fashion of the RHofNJ, you don’t want to miss this: