Abby Huntsman’s Red Draped Dress

The View September 11, 2018 Fashion

Abby Huntsman’s red draped dress was gorgeous on the stunner today. With special guest George Papadoupoulos and Emma Thompson on today, there was a lot to unpack. Emma Thompson is positively magnificent. I mean, she was in all the best movies (Harry Potter and Love Actually being my favorites), but she’s funny, intelligent, beautiful and really, really cool.

She described herself with a word that Anderson Cooper also describes himself. Catastrophist. It’s beyond being a worry wart, but turning everything into a fatal catastrophe. I mean, when you’re Anderson Cooper and have been on the front lines of wars, natural disasters and other awful world occurrences, I can see why you become one. But it may just be nature and not nurture, because Emma Thompson seems like a delightful bed of roses and is the same!

Keep it Real,

Sally Steele

Abby Huntsman's Red Draped Dress

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Photo Credit: The View Instagram

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