You may remember Adina Barbara’s gorgeous face from’s REAL Housewives of New Jersey Interview . Tonight, on Style Network’s BUILT, you saw visions of her closet that you will remember, and be jealous of, for years. Here’s the scoop on Adina’s wardrobe, be sure you take a look, after you pick your jaw off the ground from seeing her amazing home. Just remember, the closet is NOT included. And don’t even think about the hot male models..

 Adina Barbara’s Built Fashion:

Adina’s Pink Dress & Earrings Answering The Door

Holt Puffy Paint Dress Dress by Holt

Clara Kasavina Fiona Hoops Gold

Clara Kasavina Fiona Hoops in Gold

Adina Barbara’s Silver Mirrored Sequin Dress  

Musani Mirrored Sequin Dress

Musani Mirrored Dress

Musani Mirrored DressMusani Silver Mirrored Dress

Clara Kasavina Joyce Hoops

Clara Kasavina Joyce Hoops

Adina Barbara’s Blue Built Long Maxi Dress

Adina Barbara Blue Built Maxi Dress V+K Collection Long Dress

Adina Barbara at The Mirror Factory

Baccio Couture Top Fluffy Wuffy Boots

Adina Fluffy Wuffy Boots

Holt Leah Top

Jacket by Moschino Altered by her Tailor

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