Adrienne Maloof’s Chain Print Jumpsuit

October 4, 2011-

By Lauren

I must have Adrienne’s jumper at the BBQ!! Katie via Facebook

This is my first post of the day because I’ve seriously spent hours looking for this jumpsuit. This would be a fabulous time waster if I received some sort of hourly compensation, however I don’t, so it just sucks. But I also love a good challenge, and a fab jumpsuit, so I had to roll with it.

Basically, many designers have done chain print (Versace originated it in the 80’s, followed by Gucci, Chanel, Moschino etc) and the print of Adrienne’s jumpsuit matches a print done by Roberto Cavalli in 2009 (below) and not the others (trust me…I’ve studied this). So this jumpsuit is either by Roberto Cavalli or someone who was sued by Cavalli for making a knockoff. And Adrienne isn’t really a knock-off kind of gal. Either way, it seems to be sold out. And lets be real, we probably couldn’t afford it anyways. But it’s okay, because I’ve found some Style Stealers that are truly off-the-chain…

Adrienne Maloof’s Chain Print BBQ Jumpsuit

Roberto Cavalli Chain Print Spring 2009:

Style Stealers:

Strapless Chain Print Jumpsuit $32.20

*My Pick*

Asos Pussy Bow Chain Print Dress $78.57

Just Chains Top $88

Chain Print Jumpsuit $10.94 (6 Available)

Chain Print Shirtdress $169 (+30%  Off+15% Off)

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  1. Celeste R. Poston says

    I too was obsessed with that jumpsuit, and I'm glad you've already done the research. Totally Cavalli.

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