Everyone knows that there is going to be drama when a Real Housewives episode involves any sort of planned meal…Especially dinner. Everyone also knows that there is going to be style, because who wants to lose the “Who’s the hottest Housewife?” poll on Watch What Happens Live?! Last night’s bathroom moments aren’t the only thing Gretchen and Alexis share. They both have looks fans would flip a table for!

Alexis’s Zebra Print Dinner Party Dress

Alexis’s zebra print dress is one of her own….Notice a trend? Talk about good marketing! AVAILABLE NOW for pre-order on www.alexis-bellino.com.

Gretchen’s Dress at her parents vow renewal ceremony:



Gretchen’s dress (as well as her mom’s) are by Azadeh Couture. Gretchen’s dress is from the Fall 2010 Collection. Click on this link for store locations and information.

Looking for Gretchen’s White Lace dinner party dress: Click here.


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