Hi Lauren, Love your blog. Can you help me ID these sunglasses? I have searched but no avail…thanks! Michelle

Michelle isn’t the only one searching for Alexis’s Bellino’s style, so I’ve gotten together info on Ms. Bellino’s most asked about style secrets. In the process, she definitely became my favorite Real Housewife of the OC, as I learned that she is a total down-to-earth sweetheart who takes the time to answer fan questions and let them all in on her beauty and fashion secrets!

The Sunglasses:


Valentino 5563/S Color: Havana Brown/Brown Gradient (OQDZ) $138.60 SunglassesOnSale.Org

So I’ve got good news and bad news… The good news is that Alexis confirmed that she is “pretty sure” the sunglasses she wore were Valentino from a previous season (the show was filmed in 2010). The bad news is that I have spent the last 2 days searching for these harder than I searched for a husband, and have been unable to find an exact match. The closest match I found is the very similar Valentino 5563/S from their 2010 collection (above). Gucci is more known for a horsebit style like Alexis’s (below)…I will continue to search for the exact pair.


Gucci Oversized Sunglasses with Horsebit Detail $325 Bloomingdales.com

But, I had some luck on other items….

The Trucker Hat:


Alexis “Diamond” Trucker Hat by Glitzy Bella $60

The Maxi Dress:

Alexis Couture by Alexis Bellino Black Maxi Dress $69.50 Click HERE to pre-register

*She posted the dresses for sale yesterday and they were so in demand that site crashed. Keep checking back to see if they have it back up, they are working on it.

The Hair:

Alexis Bellino’s Extensions: Great Lengths. She gets hers done by Angelic at Lucca Bell Salon & Spa in Anaheim Hills , but they are available at salons nationwide

The Skin:

Alexis’s Bellino’s Go-To Skin Care Produts: Osmosis

The Makeup:

Alexis Bellino’s Makeup Faves: Mac Foundation, Mac Love Nectar Luster Glass and Mac Nymphette Lip Gloss, Lip Liner: Dervish or Whirl by Mac. She also uses Chanel & Urban Decay Products.

Looking for Alexis’s silk romper and necklace? Click here.

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