Hi, Love your website! Do you know what sunglasses Alexis was wearing in the car in the episode “No Hate” from Season 6? Thanks! Sheri

I love me a good sunglasses search, because I firmly believe you can never own too many pairs of sunglasses…Or shoes….Or earrings. And I think Alexis Bellino is with me, on all accounts, because I have spent way to many hours of my life trying to track down her sunglasses, accessories and shoes. Specifically the sunglasses she is wearing while driving her car, on the phone, planning her spa party, that so many of you have asked me about. So here’s what I’ve come up with — It’s not a confirmed match, but you’ll definitely Steal Her Style with the looks below.

Alexis Bellino’s Spa Party / No Hate Brown Sunglasses

Valentino 5555 *Multiple Colors* SALE $86.99 Overstock.com

*She has been known to wear Valentino Shades, and in the clip the band on the side is fairly thick, and the section over her nose is as well, plus they’re on Overstock which means they aren’t this season’s—All promising facts. What do you think? Style Stealer or Real Deal?

Here is a link to a pic on another site for a different view:


Style Stealers:

Gucci3125 $267.95 Amazon.com

Sunglasses $5.80 Forever21.com



Women’s Two Tone Brown Sunglasses $7.59 Overstock.com



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