Alexis Rose’s Gold Cuff Bracelet on Schitt’s Creek

Schitt’s Creek Season 5 Fashion

Throughout the seasons Alexis Rose’s gold cuff bracelet has made several appearances on Schitt’s Creek (the most recent being Season 5 Episode 2), and thanks to our amazing reader Felicia Davies, we’re finally able to provide you with the deets on where to get it. And not only that, but turns out it only costs five freakin’ dollars – aka less than a jar of applesauce from Rose Apothecary. Thank you Alexis Rose!

Although we’re guaranteed to see this bracelet again in the near future (on our own wrists and that of every other Alexis stan reading this post), whether we’re ever going to see it on Alexis herself again is anyone’s guess…because if you remember, Twyla totally scooped it up the jewellery swap.



Alexis Rose's Gold Cuff Bracelet

Alexis Rose's Gold Cuff Bracelet

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