Amanda Batula’s Off the Shoulder White Polka Dot Top

Summer House Season 2 Episode 6 Fashion

Amanda Batula’s off the shoulder white polka dot top when the mothers met this week was so pretty! This girl knows how to dress to impress, and I think this may be the perfect top to wear to meet your future mother in law. I mean, it’s a white top… soooooo… wedding bells? It seems like the moms really hit it off. It’s awesome to watch Kyle and Amanda’s relationship flourish to something that really seems committed. On a network full of broken relationships, this young love is super refreshing.

Did anyone else laugh hysterically when Kyle drunkenly mumbled “I wanna marry you” and when asked to repeat it, he just farted? I still have the sense of humor of a third grade boy. I think passing gas can be so funny in the right moment. Unless it’s me. I don’t do that.

Keep it Real,
Sally Steele

Amanda Batula's Off the Shoulder White Polka Dot Top

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